My Name Is Ichabod Crane – Poem

18th-century-soldierThere is no Mason not too great,
Splendid his name or evil his reign,
My name is Ichabod crane, [Read more…]

English Words Of Foreign Origin You Never Knew

borrowed english words from french
English as one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, with over 350 million native speakers worldwide and a further 350 million speakers – as a second or foreign language. The old British Empire rivals most great empires of antiquity in terms of sheer size and [Read more…]

Songs of Solomon – Poem

songs of solomon

“Songs of solomon”

“Songs of solomon” to my keep,
My mistress has sought thy deep,
And made sweet flourish that which she deem, [Read more…]

An Unhappy Soul – Poem


To wake each day to save a soul,
An unhappy friend who stand each day by a pole,
A smile on his face and to mend his broken home,
Nothing as priceless as those who gives lessons to broken unsaved bones. [Read more…]

FUNAAB AIR: Introducing FUNAAB’s First Mobile App

funaab air mobile appWe’re thrilled to announce to you, FUNAAB first Mobile App for students — FUNAAB AIR. The app provides a convenient source of college directory and campus information with an easy to use interface. Stay up-to-date with the latest FUNAAB news and upcoming events, Connect with Friends within your department, college, and all funaabites inclusive, finish your projects and assignments on time with the library facility that comes with the app, don’t miss a single class, [Read more…]

Top 15 Reasons why Students Fail During Examination

 Reasons why Students Fail|upset student

Reasons why students fail exams could be ascribed to so many reasons. However, these reasons should never be an excuse for exam failure. These reasons are just highlighted for the consciousness of students and also to charge them to work towards avoiding them. 15 reasons why students fail exams have been listed here [Read more…]

6 TV Series Everyone Must Watch

Family watching television-tv-seriesHaa, what can i say about them? just like bugs they keep multiplying on a daily basis.

Telling a good or near-perfect TV series apart from the bad ones is a conundrum most movie buffs have to face, there’s also the small issue of choosing which series to spend your data on (I’d personally stream live football matches than watching TV series.)

Here are 6 TV Series Everyone Must [Read more…]

15 Kinds of Friends Every Student Will Meet on Campus

friend on campusAs a student, you meet different kinds of people in school and even outside the school. You make new friends on regular basis, either by chance or coincidentally. Some, you meet in the class, your dorm, in the cafeteria, on the queue [Read more…]

I know a Book – Spoken Word

flipping pages of a book/ i know a bookI KNOW A BOOK

Which before, I never got acquainted to.
Looking at it, I always judge by the cover.
Barely do I know the colour [Read more…]

A Nation – Poem



The bounty that lies full,
by hope that’s distinct flourished tool.
Insatiable need could have had her pride,
but she sort not [Read more…]