What Temperament Are You?

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Temperament refers to those aspects of an individual’s personality which are often innate rather than Learned. It is very important to know what category of temperament you belong to and how tocope with others’ temperament in your friend-circle. This helps students to avoid conflict and misunderstanding among friends and academic group members. There are two major categories of temperaments which are further broken into two categories each:

  1. EXTROVERT: An extrovert is outgoing, sociable and comfortable in a crowd. We have the Choleric and Sanguine.
  2. INTROVERT: An introvert is reserved, shy and always anxious about being in crowd. We have the Melancholy and Phlegmatic.


            This is the strongest of all extroverted temperaments. They love to always be in control and are fundamentally ambitious. They are domineering, always sticking to the motto – “The end will justify the means”. Here are some of their characteristics:

  • Born Leader.
  • High self-esteem and always optimistic.
  • They love to be in control.
  • They brag and boast a lot, in a way to show their greatness.
  • They use commanding language.
  • They are good at subjects regarded as difficult such as Mathematics and Engineering courses. They are ‘good’ at it does not necessarily mean they are better than some people.
  • They love competition and hate to lose.
  • They always want to prove others wrong in an argument.
  • They give sarcastic remark which tends to hurt others.
  • They mock the failure of others, especially those they are not in good terms with.
  • Most bullies and military dictators are choleric, but not all choleric are bullies or military dictators.
  • Most Choleric are men. Finding a woman who is choleric is rare. Though we have a few of them.


A sanguine is a social extrovert who is chatty, lively, sociable, pleasant and outgoing. Most of them are Party animals, performers and drama queens. Here are some of their characteristics:

  • High self-esteem and always optimistic.
  • More of a follower.
  • They talk more and listen less.
  • They are quick to making new friends and cheerily talk to strangers.
  • They are full of life and comfortable in social settings and interaction.
  • They are quick to forgive and forget.
  • They enjoy teasing others with a good sense of humour.
  • They have the ability to motivate others and convince them because of their optimistic nature. They convince, unlike the choleric who compels.
  • They are emotional and very touchy. They readily give a hug, pat, handshake, stroke or place hands on others’ shoulders just to express themselves or show appreciation.
  • They are not good at keeping secret. They tend to spill secrets with others just to keep the conversation going and livelier.
  • They are never embarrassed when they make a fool of themselves, as long as they are putting up a show. They can do weird things just to get attention.


This is the strongest of all introverts. A thoughtful individual who is self-conscious and emotionally sensitive.

  • They have low self-esteem and are pessimistic.
  • A perfectionist. They struggle between an imperfect world and a desire for perfection.
  • Avoid talking before a group, when obliged to, he finds it difficult.
  • They prefer to do things alone.
  • They complain a lot.
  • They are rigid, inflexible and sensitive to failure.
  • They are very faithful and loyal to their friends.
  • They can keep secrets.
  • They distance themselves except from intimate friends. Once they have someone to talk to in a quiet and relaxed environment, they can talk a lot and will enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas.
  • They could be selfish also.
  • They are over analytical.
  • They fantasize/day dream a lot. They imagine perfect fantasies and feel disappointed when things don’t live up to expectation.
  • They see both the pitfalls and the end results of a project undertaken.
  • Most of them are always the first to finish an assignment or project given in class, but will still cast a doubt on its accuracy. Unlike the choleric who finishes and submits immediately; trusting on his proficiency.


An introvert, who is very quiet and appears to be slow and sluggish. They are gentle and very submissive. Here are some of their characteristics:

  • They have low self-esteem.
  • They are meek, relaxed and very quiet.
  • They are peace seekers.
  • They want to please others even at their own expense.
  • They are not assertive. They tend to give in to others’ ideas.
  • They are quick to apologize for any mistake. Sometimes they even take the blame for others’ mistake, just to make others feel better and at ease.
  • They are natural followers.
  • More social than melancholy.
  • They don’t get angry easily.
  • They are very attentive. A striking opposite of the sanguine.
  • They are generally sluggish in everything. Slow in movement, slow in making decision and very overcautious in minor matters.

It should be noted that all human beings have a degree of each of these four temperaments within them, though each person will definitely test out higher in one, with another being a close second. Not all these features can be possessed by an individual. You might even have traces of some other temperaments. But it would be obvious to everyone and yourself inclusive that you belong to a particular temperament because you would exhibit two or more striking characters of such temperament.

Going through all these categories of temperaments listed above, kindly tell us where you belong and how you cope with your friends and room-mates who possess a different temperament, most especially the Choleric and Sanguine?

Don’t forget to share with friends on social media. Help them discover and understand their temperaments and how well they can cope with friends and dorm-mates.

Mine is Melancholy, with a pint of “Phlegmatism”……….let me hear yours?

Reference: temperaments.fighunter


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