What is Your Motive behind going to school?

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School is referred to as a citadel of learning, but how many students actually understand this today? When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. Gone are those days when students go to school with the primary aim of acquiring knowledge while a degree certificate remains secondary. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case today, no wonder they are been taught a lesson by “life after school”. Ask students about their motive behind going to school and you would be shocked at the different responses you would get; even parents are not left out.

Most parents send their children to school because they see people go there and become great and successful in life. I know they want the best for us, but the pressure of wanting us to be like others is getting too much. They (Parent) enrolled us into school, without the knowledge that we have just been enrolled into a never ending series of contests — to see who is best, who gets the highest score, who gets the highest grade etc. What hurts me the most is that our parents see it as a bragging right to friends and relatives. “My child came top of his class”, “my daughter graduated with a first class honour” and the bragging goes on and on. What a show-off!!!! All these things have got nothing to do with learning and really, we all know that (including parents, teachers, Lecturers). Parents rarely even bother to think about what their children actually learn in school; they only care about the grades, little wonder they beat younger children mercilessly when he comes first from the rear and thereby leading to Bibliophobia (Fear for Books).

“My friend is in school.” And so what?
“My friend studies this course.” How does that affect you?
“This school is the best school on planet earth.” Does that automatically make you the best student?
A lot of students actually do not understand the concept behind going to school. Their attitude towards learning is quite disheartening. Now! Most students in school only learn to read and pass; only a few learn to fully assimilate what they have read. What makes my heart a burning fire is that, after the semester, 79% of what he/she learnt had been wiped off like a formatted computer, so, what exactly is your Motive behind going to school? I am not saying going to school is bad; in fact, everyone needs to go to a school. But what do you stand to gain after you read like a “mad dog”, having sleepless night, burning candles at night classes, dozing with your head in between your books and finally you graduate but you can’t get a job after school. *pitiful*
So you see that school is beyond the customary “read and pass.” You need to pass through a school and let the school pass through you.

Have you read 5.0 reasons why a first class honour may not guarantee you success in future?

Now what’s the essence of school if school is not for learning anymore?
Let me ask you this question:
As a Student, a magician approached you and asked you to make a choice from these two options:

(1) You will fully understand the course or subject but won’t get a good grade after exam.
(2) You will not understand the course or subject at all, but you will get good grades after exam.

Which will you choose? (Be honest)

Nearly all students (except for a few rebels) would unhesitatingly choose OPTION 2.
Students are rational being. We believe that school is all about getting a grade, not learning. Even most parents think it would be stupid for their child to choose OPTION 1 over OPTION 2, [they will just break your head if they can] *laughs*

Have you read 5.0 reasons why a first class honour may not guarantee you success in future?

If schools were for learning rather than showing off, we would have designed them entirely different. There would be places where people would follow their own interest, learn what they want to learn, try out different career paths, prepare themselves for the future that they wanted not what others wanted for them. Everyone would be doing different things of interest at different times, different places, different system and at a different pace, so there would be no basis for comparison.

Do you go to school because every other person is doing that?
Do you go to school because that seems to be the only way to escape from your parents and get liberty?
Do you go to school because your parents forced you to?
Do you go to school because you want to be like that successful icon?
Do you go to school for show-off?
Do you go to school to display your latest clothes, gadgets and ride?
Do you go to school just for the certificates?
Do you go to school for other reasons that can’t be listed here?

What is Your Motive behind going to school?

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