7 Tricks to Manage Exam Stress

Are you a student preparing for exams? It is common for students to experience exam stress. It is the anxiety that one feels concerning their performance. It often arises due to pressure from the society, parents, friends, etc. This stress can either, bog you down or push you to improve. If you are a university student, you have to juggle between your part-time job, completing your assignments in good time and sometimes drafting a first internal medicine residency personal statement.

Common reasons for this stress include lack of motivation, competition, lack of preparation, and high expectations. Well, if exam stress causes you to pull all-nighters every time there is an exam around the corner, below are ways to manage your stress:


  1. Have a Study Routine

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it is something we need to be reminded each semester. You need to plan for your studies. It gives you time to grasp the lessons learned without rushing through, as you would at the last minute.

It will motivate you and guide you through each day. It’s not enough to just have a study timetable; you also need to purpose to stick to it. It increases your productivity and improves your learning progress.


  1. Take Breaks

Often we bury ourselves into reading materials when exams are near. You would even feel guilty for taking a break from study. You want to consume more and more of the content so that you don’t miss out on any area that would be tested.

However, our minds also tire and you need to take time out to rejuvenate. Rest will help your body perform at its best level. Engage in an activity that wouldn’t make it difficult to get back to your studies.

The same applies when working on the internal medicine personal statements. Relaxation will help to refresh your mind and body and also reduce exam stress.


  1. Exercise

Exercise is useful in reducing stress. You shouldn’t neglect it just because it is exam time. When I write, I often tire from writing long articles of 1000 plus words. Since I have to submit several items in a day, I always take time off to exercise.

It is so, especially when I feel my mind is blocked and I can’t generate any more new ideas. Take a short walk, to enjoy the serenity of your environment. Go swimming or cycling. It will leave you energetic and ready to consume more information.


  1. Eat Right

10 HEALTHY DIET TIPS FOR STUDENTSWhen preparing for an exceptionally tough paper, it is easy to decide to eat fast foods. You feel like you don’t have the time to make a healthy meal. It could, however, be detrimental as you try to manage exam stress.

Keep away from caffeinated drinks; they may make you even more anxious. Foods that are high in fats or sugars will also increase your stress levels. Try eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, etc.

Remember what you eat has a direct effect on your moods.


  1. Keep Distractions Away

We live in a digital era where many of us spend most of their days, online. There several moments when I am working that I find myself reaching out for my phone and checking out my social media. Just out of the blues.

Whatever your vice, these small moments of taking a sneak peek online, amounts to a significant waste of time. Block notification pop-ups when you are studying. Switch off your phone if you have to.


  1. Get Adequate Sleep

When you are preparing for an exam, this isn’t the time to stay all night long going through different revision materials. It could be challenging to push yourself to abide by this, but your body needs 7 hours of sleep each day for it to function normally. Have a regular time when you go to bed, if possible.

Stick to this sleep cycle. Before bedtime, have at least an hour where you relax your muscles and aren’t working on anything. For instance, read your favorite book.


  1. Think Positively

Yes, you may have friends who always seem to know the answer to every question as you revise. And probably you are having trouble coming up with just a single and simple solution. It happens.

It is the time to spend with people who have a positive effect on you. Refrain from thinking negatively. You can do it too.



It is no debate that exams can be stressful, pretty much like when you have to find an ideal personal statement internal medicine services. But there are ways to beat this stress and overcome it. The above steps will guide you how.


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