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Agriculture has been the oldest occupation on earth. Since the arrival of technology, civilization and modernization, many people have opted out of the farming business to pursue “white-collar” jobs.

They look down on agriculture as a primitive career, seeing farmers as those predestined to always remain poor. Parents do not agree with their children studying Agriculture or going into farming business. They want a medical doctor, engineer, lawyer or accountant as a son/daughter but not a FARMER.

For those who assumed farmers can never get wealthy; Here are top 5 richest farmers in the world:

5. HOWARD BUFFETT($200m):Born Howard Graham Buffet on December 16, 1954, he has been active in business, politics, agriculture, conservation, photography, and philanthropy. He is the eldest son of famous billionaire businessman Warren Buffet. After dropping out of 3 colleges, Howard became a corn and Soybean Farmer. Mr. Buffett oversees a 1,500-acre family farm in central Illinois and farms in Nebraska with his son. He oversees three foundation-operated research farms: 3,900 acres in Arizona, 4,400 acres in Illinois, and 9,200 acres in South Africa. He has never relied on money from the Buffett Fortune to finance expenses of the farm, which include machinery that sometimes costs more than $250,000.

4. TONY PERICH  ($750m): Tony Perich and brother, Ron inherited their parents’ dairy farm business, founded in 1951 with 25 milking cows. Today it holds more than 2000 cows and also has stations in West Wyalong and Trangie , where the company rears stock and grows grain .

3. SENATOR BLAIRO MAGGI ($1.15bn): Blairo Maggi is the son of late Brazilian agribusiness mogul Andre Maggi, who founded Andre Maggi Group, the world’s largest private soybean producer. Prior to China’s massive appetite for soy, Maggi’s ever-expanding acreage meant more supply and more supply meant lower soy prices. Luckily for all involved, China demand was greater than the квартиры Maggi-led Brazilian soy boom.  Since the 1990s, Maggi helped turn Brazil into the second largest soy producer in the world after the U.S.

2. HARRY STINE ($3.4bn): Stine grew up on his father’s hardscrabble farm outside of Des Moines and began dabbling in seed breeding in the 1960s.Dyslexic and mildly autistic, but a savant with math and data, Stine quietly built some of the most genetically robust and highest-yielding soybean seeds in the industry. He now owns STINE SEED, the largest private seed company in the world and the developer of some of the most valuable agricultural products on earth.

1. LIU YONGHAO ($4.4bn): Mr. Liu and his three brothers quit their government jobs in 1982, selling their watches and bicycles to raise the equivalent of $US150 in start up capital in the countryside of Sichuan province. With no money and Father as Officials to rely on, they went from raising Chickens and pigs to today. Liu Yonghao is the chair of New Hope Group, one of China’s largest agribusiness companies. The group specializes in producing eggs, meat, and dairy products.




*Net worth taken as at 19/12/2015



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  1. suara dayo

    If only today’s youths can all wake from their wrong perception about agriculture, the economy would have being better. Imagine no African on the list-tho Africa pose to be the origin known to all.
    Tho,we see awaking and shaking off stupor of ignorance in recent times.

  2. cornelius

    Any way agriculture is a booming sector, but people pay little attention to it. And secondly our erroneous faculty prevent us from delving Into agriculture

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