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TOP 10 Most Hilarious Football Jerseys


hilarious football jerseys

Gone are these days when a pair of boot, shirt, short and stocking was just enough to kick a round leather ball. Not until the day teams tried to look different and unique from others due to reasons which remains a mystery to me and will still be. Today, I would be sharing 10 hilarious football Jerseys ever to grace the face of the earth. Whenever I see these kits, I keep asking WHY! WHY!! WHY!!! Maybe you guys would help me out.

10. ARSENAL (1991 – 1993)

arsenalIf there was a jinx that made Arsenal go trophy-less for eight seasons, then this jersey is the Voodoo behind it – just kidding. Arsenal has always had the knack for the colour yellow, but this is a step too far. This away kit worn in the early ’90s was donned with a sickly yellow and black, popularly tagged the “bruised banana” (how they got this name, I don’t know). Gazing at it for too long ‘might’ cause epileptic fit… keep off!!!


9. AUSTRALIA (1991)

austaraliaArtistry gone bad! Who on earth called this a good idea fit to be worn for footballing reasons. It’s hard to decipher what the designer….sorry…….artist was trying to do. Just looks like some kids playing with water colour.


8. HULL CITY (1992)

hull cityJust because a club’s nickname is “The tigers”, doesn’t mean you have to design quite such a literal-minded kit. Thank goodness this designer didn’t design Arsenal’s or Manchester United’s Jersey. We would have seen canons and a red devil on each kit respectively. Hahahahaha!!! What if he designed a kit for the Three Lions of England – 3 Lions! Lol, I can’t just imagine.



Athletico BilbaoTomato Ketchup! Quite bizarre. I still find it so hard to understand where the designers were trying to go with this one. If it was a plot to distract opponent, then, they should try out Pizza, Hotdog, Hamburger or something better. Tomato ketchup isn’t just my kind of thing.


6. CAMEROON (2002)

cameroon jersey 2002Not again! This sleeveless top looks more like a basketball kit. Although, it actually worked for them as the team won the African nations cup held in Mali wearing this Vest-like sleeveless jerseys. It immediately met with disapproval from FIFA as the kit was banned from been used at the world-cup tournament. FIFA decreed: “They are not shirts, they are vests”we are not blind, we all can see it is a vest…lol. Puma had no choice but to add a black sleeve to the Jersey top. I wonder what they were thinking while designing the kit. Maybe Puma should design a tank-top next time. Just Saying!



colorado CaribousNow this is the height of folly. This is way way too far. Were they trying to summon the soul of the pioneers of the western council. Hmmnn!!! I smell voodoo.

Presumably being the only kit in history to highlight a totally unnecessary fringe of calfskin tassels around the midriff.


4. DERBY COUNTY (1949)

DERBY COUNTY (1949)Probably, during this era, FIFA hasn’t explained the difference between a football jersey and a shirt. Derby county took the button down approach several steps too far.


3. BOLIVIA (1930)

Bolivia 1930The 1930 Bolivia team’s kit spelt out ‘VIVA URUAGUAY’ in honour of the host nation, Uruguay. Lol, though it’s the maiden edition of the tournament, but someone should have hinted them on how it is done.


2. MEXICO (1994)

campos-Mexico-1994Who cares about the Mexican Aztec designed – Jersey which was a bit off, when we have Jorge Campos. Mexican Goalkeeper, Campos was only 5’6″ tall and had an eye for goals – scored 38 goals in his career. But he will be notably remembered for his wild uniform.

What was he thinking? Would we call this colour blocking or what? Maybe he wanted a coat of many colours – Some inspiration from Dolly Parton. Unfortunately, his bright multi-coloured self designed jerseys could not save Mexico as they were knocked out early.



CD LEONESA TUXEDOJersey for the Occasion. Suited and booted! Worn by Spanish Segunda Division side, C.D Leonesa. I don’t really see it as a bad outfit. I could possibly wear this to a cocktail party, my office, my girlfriend’s house and still play football with it…..I’ll still look smart HEALTHY right? …..someone tell me when those guys are ready to play football in their right outfit, not that suit.



Those hilarious football jerseys above may appear truly awful, but you need to see this Outfit worn by the Colombian Women Cycling Team.

colombian women cycling


What is your take on this?


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