StudentCosmos In 2016 – A Year In Review

studentcosmos year in review

Just a year ago, we launched this awesomely resourceful blog. A blog set to inspire, motivate, inform and entertain students all around the globe. We wanted a cosmos with a pool of various resources for students to tap from. A place where various topics are touched other than the regular school works in class. This quest birthed StudentCosmos. The year 2016 has been a great and eventful year with a lot of ups and downs. Been our first year online, it had given us a platform to study the market, assess the likes and dislikes of our readers, experiment with a lot of ideas (even if some ended in failure), earn the fondness and trust of our fans, and so many other backroom actions. However, these we have done without breaching the quality of our contents. Without further ado, we would be giving you a review of our blog for the year 2016 (Although, our first year). Here is a review of studentcosmos in year 2016.

My 2015 in Review

StudentCosmos in 2016 had some achievements. We had quality contents for our readers globally which has earned a lot of praises and testimonies via comment boxes and mails. We had a good looking blog which is also mobile friendly. We had search engines indexing our blog and none has ever flagged the blog spammy, offensive or breaking the blogosphere etiquette.

However, studentcosmos achievement was its ALEXA ranking. According to Alexa, StudentCosmos ranked 2,059,779 globally as at October 21, 2016. Still lowly ranked you would say right? Well, here is why it was a great achievement; in less than 7 months, studentcosmos climbed up the chart from number 22million to about 2.1million globally. By our calculations, we jumped over 20million other sites to sit at number ‘2millionth’ most visited blog in the world according to Alexa rankings. That is 1,000 percent improvement. All thanks to our fans, readers and friends for making this a reality.

Life is just a coin. To every high, there is always a low. There are some things we couldn’t do due to one thing or the other. We could not continue with the Scholarship and essay competition news update due to logistics and demographic reasons. We are still conducting a survey on our readers to know what scholarship updates would meet their demands based on nationality and relevance. If you have more useful ideas on how to go about this, we would gladly welcome it. Just mail us at contact@studentcosmos.com
Also, our blog post frequency was irregular at a point in time. We are sure most of you couldn’t quite understand how often we post again (was it daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?). We assure you that things will get better soon. It would be a great idea if we publish our posts daily and I believe you can also help out by submitting articles for publications.

For the year 2016, studentcosmos published great posts with so many of them getting lot of views, traffic, engagements and comments. Some of these top posts include:

We also had great contributions from prolific guest writers. We had:

After the 2016 review, we have decided to let all our faithful readers have a peek into some of our numerous plans for the coming year:

  • Awards: At the end of 2017, we should give out awards to students globally in various categories. Modalities coming soon.
  • Student of The Week: This will include photos and short bio of a carefully selected student. They get a chance to advertise their goods or services. Different students to feature weekly. Modalities coming soon.
  • Interview Segment: we would be having an interview segment with entrepreneurs and top personalities who have imparted others around them or achieved greatly all as students.
  • More guest posts: We would be welcoming more guest posts from students and experts. This is one way students can showcase their writing skills. To learn more about submitting articles, visit our write for us page.
  • Bigger presence on social media.
  • New look and logo.
  • More quality and engaging articles.

We won’t fail to recognize some people who have been of great help to studentcosmos. Some are students while some are fresh graduates. Their advice, ideas and support has made studentcosmos get better. In no particular order: Victory Odunjo; blogger at thevictorypath, Abraham Ojes; blogger at fashiononlineng, Tobi Oshunbiyi; blogger at clblogs, Godwin Pius; blogger at RALNGN, Kasali Kayode, Alade Bayo Rasheed (Spoken word artist), Adebiyi Ayoola, Peter Idibia, Dotun Famoriyo, Motunrayo AdeOnojobi, Opeoluwa Sonibare, Adeyemi Daniel, Babatunde Eliaz but to mention a few.

Also, I won’t fail to appreciate my loving readers. You all are students behind the cosmos. Without you, we won’t be here. We say a big thank you for your love, visits, sharing and commitment in 2016. We would appreciate more in 2017.


A student, Part-time Blogger, freelance writer and an OAP. Want to know more about me? click my social media links.

  1. Sonibare Opeoluwa

    Wow! First, I will like to thank you for the special recognition. I am honoured! Thanks!
    Secondly, students cosmos my favourite blog, you have been a big inspiration to me. With gratitude from my heart I would say thanks for making 2016 awesome for me. You’re indeed a fountain of knowledge every students should seek. Thanks for contributing to my growth with your wonderful articles and informations.
    Hmm…Plato is right! “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge” – Plato
    Indeed knowledge is power, and no knowledge gained is ever wasted! Bless you student comos!
    Let’s rock 2017 together!

  2. Adeyemi Daniel

    I appreciate the recognition sir. This coming year will be a better one. I will also make sure to contribute my quota to the excellence of the blog.
    Much love!

  3. Victory Odunjo

    This is a blog of the future. I was totally amazed by the quality of content placed on this blog. Great work so far, it will only get better.. I’m glad to have been a part somehow. Thanks for the privilege

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