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Songs of Solomon – Poem

songs of solomon

“Songs of solomon”

“Songs of solomon” to my keep,
My mistress has sought thy deep,
And made sweet flourish that which she deem,
For Love had all and made these to meets,
Thou cherish thy word and simplicity of thy songs indeed.

“Songs of solomon” thou art i read,
Enlightenment art thou bring mass leaven bread,
Swift and clear to ye of good listener’s ears,
For thou hath made blessed as the spirit hath led.
And Much of thy word made good life from death

“Songs of solomon” to cling thee,
My heart thou hath only known true deeper deeds,
Shall i not make deeper praise of these things and look unto more of thee,
For thy word had made my mistress’ love in truth and that which fully glee.

My passion did not as much as thy feed,
With such good spirit without strains,
For it heed unto my mistress to be found in thy believe,
And know that Love is unconditional and cling true to her soul-mate,
For thy songs be in my heart and be forever bliss.

Shall i not speak of thy certainty that thy word did meet,
For it maketh my ways lifted in good steam,
Met the needs and strengthen those who are weary,
And most indeed raised the beggar from the dung hill,
And made all stand amongst princes.

Submitted by: Idibia Peter (Geoffery)

A Poem by Idibia Peter (Geoffery), a Pharmacy Student of Obafemi Awolowo University. His hobbies include writing poetry, playing chess, listening to instrumental music and reading novels. His previous poems include: Amazingly, A Nation, Unhappy Soul and Humanity.

A student, Part-time Blogger, freelance writer and an OAP. Want to know more about me? click my social media links.

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