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not always in loco parentis


A little girl, kept in check,
Since infancy to adulthood,
Restricted from herpassion,
Dictated to on how to go about life, under control.
Telling her what to do, deprived of her rights.
Restricted from crossing the ocean.

Alas! She crossed the ocean,
Ran away from home to follow her passion.
After crossing the ocean, Beyond the seas and further still,
She paused, “why was I kept in check?”
They never told me “follow your footsteps”
Instead “be obedient.”

Went ahead to the journey set before her,
To achieve her aim,
To fight her loosing battle.
She achieved her aim,
Invited her friends, and they came unknowingly,
just to view her achievement.

She was certain for certain.
Surprisingly, her parents came around.
Their hearts were gladden,
they felt “we could have told her to follow her passion.”
Encourage every of our ideas, Don’t discourage us.
Use one hand to reprimand a child and the other to comfort her.

She is happy today because her passion is accomplished.
“Though I dig my hands to the crust of the earth,
my hand was blistered and bleeded,
but here am I, restrained but productive.
She said, “follow the beat of your heart”
In both places, not always in Loco Parentis*

NB: Loco Parentis – In place of Parents

Poem by Dotun Famoriyo

Dotun is a student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, a poet and a playwright. He is certain for certain that creative writing is not just an hubby, but a part of him. He is the author of “Better Tomorrow” (Drama).
Instagram: misty_dotfam
Facebook: Famoriyo Oladotun David

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