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My 2015 In Review

my 2015 in review


How time flies! It seems like yesterday when we ushered in the year 2015, but 12 months gone now, we are now hours away from bidding it bye.*sighs*
Just like every business owner who sits down at the end of the year to count their cost. They go through their account books to see how the business fared for the year; the profits made and the losses incurred (too bad, why must we have losses sef?) Well, it won’t be a bad idea if everyone would also sit down and do a review of their 2015.

Every New Year comes with a new challenge and opportunity; 2015 was that year for me. If I had known that it would fling lemons at me, I would have brought a cup along with me right from January 1 in order to make lemonade (No regrets, I still made lemonade with it and sold some to buy myself pineapple…hehe!). Starting off with a few of my achievements for the year:

I represented my College/Faculty in two inter-collegiate debate competition and I WON, alongside my debate partner – Olatunde Samuel. First was the Super Bowl debate contest organized by Nigerian Association of Agricultural Students (NASS) – FUNAAB Chapter. The second week was another debate contest organized by Biological Sciences Department. Making it 2 first-placed awards in two weeks (A great feat for me I will say).

Also, I met a lot of people which I am happy I did. The whole crew of Plant Physiology and Crop Production ’17 (FUNAAB), Fanawapo Harp, Members of CAC Fountain of Love and Power, Pastor Sam Ogundana (My Pastor), FUNAAB radio crew, Big Tee (Director, Stone Edge Network -STEN), Victory Odunjo, Abraham Ojes, Godwin Ohemu, just to mention a few. (Pardon me if I omitted your name. You are forever in my heart). These are the kinds of people everyone should have around them. They are actually the pushing power that makes me keep pushing. God bless them for me.

Interestingly, I took my pursuit in the broadcasting world a step higher. The Industrial Training I had with Rockcity 101.9fm has exposed me to a whole lot of new things. I learnt new things, discovered new ideas, met great people and I even got the opportunity to join Lanre Adenmosun and Sulieman Alamutu on Sportlight – a morning sport show on Rockcity 101.9fm every saturday morning (8:30am). This has helped me a great deal, and it is still helping me.
To crown it all, studentcosmos was launched on the 25th of December, 2015. An idea that had been there for the past three years but fell victim of Procrastination. But right now, it is up and running and I feel so so happy.
All these wouldn’t have been possible if God had not helped me. I Give Him all the honour and the glory for this great opportunity.

There’s two side to a coin. If there is a high, there will always be a low. Just like every other student, we had plans, we had goals, we had targets and we all wanted to achieve it.

I wanted to be the best
I wanted to have the overall best score
I wanted to start working out
I wanted to hit the gym
I wanted to own a flashy car (even if I don’t know how to drive one)
I wanted to impact so many lives
I wanted to work on my grammar and use of English
There was a point in time I wanted to be the president of this country (how I conjure such imagination, I definitely do not know)
I wanted to achieve all these in just 2015.

As you all know, not all of those target will I meet. If at all I achieved all, then Muhammadu Buhari is not the President of Nigeria! Hehe!
I would not like to write about my disappointments as I do not want to remember them anymore. I don’t want to take along a carry-over course into 2016. I am sure 2016 has its own challenge, there is no way I’m gonna add those from 2015.

Quite impossible to rightly judge 2015 without sentiments, but I must say, it has been a great year for me. A year I saw a new “me”. Despite the ups and down in 2015, I can say it is one year I can’t forget, most importantly, the birth of StudentCosmos


We have just few hours into 2016, it would be interesting to know some things about 2016.


Would you also like to share your own 2015 experience with us, kindly use the comment box below or send your story to Don’t forget to share with your friends also.



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