materially freaked ladies

Material things include everything money can buy, not excluding one. It ranges from houses, cars to personal belongings. General belief is that the ladies are more materially freaked than the guys. They fall in the spotlight when ever we refer to the materially obsessed. Everybody wants to have these material things, but to what length are we ready to go to the extreme to get them?

This is a major reason why guys always believe that they could get any girl of their choice using material things as bait. Some have gone extra-miles just to impress ladies. Wherever two or more ladies are sited together, the latest item/material in vogue is been discussed. You wonder why a lady’s closet will be stocked and stuffed with dresses of different colours and fashion, some of which they had never worn before or have no intention wearing them. How about the assorted bags and shoes to match? Quite materialistic! You would say.

However, contrary to this general belief, I would love to say both the ladies and the guys are materially freaked.

Every guy out there wants to be successful. They want to enjoy the luxury of life and all the goodies it has got to offer. But when guys start going extra-length to acquire material things, either to IMPRESS or create an IMPRESSION, then the reason is not far-fetched. Look no further, the ladies are behind this. Some guys do not even consider the implication of their negative act toward acquiring material things.

Probably to create an impression, I would say. A lot of ladies have shared their own side of the story and here are reasons why they are materially freaked:

  1. They want to live a very comfortable life.
  2. They want to afford everything they desire.
  3. They want to move with the “trending-train” and also be in vogue.
  4. Their friends have it and they must also have same.
  5. To show off.
  6. To class themselves as Top-Rich-Big ladies in town or on campus.
  7. Measure of value or worth.
  8. Endurance, perseverance and hardship is not in their dictionary.
  9. Peer group, association and environment.
  10. That was how they grew up — materially freaked.

This has changed many ladies perspective about relationship. They want both the man and the financial security that comes with it. Ladies begin to hop from one relationship to the other all in the name of searching for lush-greener pasture. They need someone who is financially buoyant to spoil them with material things.

How about among students? Prostitution has become the order of the day in higher institutions and colleges. They sleep around in search of money and whenever they fail a test or exam, they look forward to sleeping with the lecturers to get marks. So many teenagers and students engage in all sorts of vices and illegal act just to get material things at all cost. At the end of it all, they pay with their lives and future. Is it worth it?

It has become a norm in the society now that we are not ready to work and earn our living through legal ways anymore. The guys believe if they spend on a girl, she will eventually succumb to their love advances.

How true is this?
To a large extent, it is. Many ladies get influenced by the material things gotten from guys and in the process; they lose their sense of value and pride.

Should we be materially freaked?

We all have something to put the blame on for our actions but are those things supposed to influence us so much that we lose our senses? That we find it difficult to differentiate between right and wrong actions? We should learn to maximize the little resources we have.

1. Be disciplined
2. Be contented
3. Be independent
4. Avoid peer pressures
5. Learn to set your priorities right.

written by Alao Kafilah Adedoyin

A student, Part-time Blogger, freelance writer and an OAP. Want to know more about me? click my social media links.

  1. Abraham Ojes

    Nice write up you’ve got here. I love your argument but got confused along the way… But it’s still a way to go. Keep it up.

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