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I know a Book – Spoken Word

flipping pages of a book/ i know a book


Which before, I never got acquainted to.
Looking at it, I always judge by the cover.
Barely do I know the colour let alone the title,
But yet, I say of it like I’ve read cover to cover.

Nature got its way and I fortunately read it.
To my amusement I couldn’t drop it.
Every single line, I liked it.
Never seen a book so cool yet, u feel heat(it).

A book looking so bad yet, beautiful.
A book so weak yet, gives the strength of a stallion.
Although, it’s of unlimited pages, I still carried on.
Itself sad But makes you cheerful.

This book is not just one but plenty.
Though, I would have loved to share it,
But they are just too plenty.
You have your rich library also, go in and explore the rich value.

This book have always lighten up my mood,
Makes me feel so full even when I am empty.
At times, you annoy me with your truth,
But yet, what else does a true friend do?

Your author said he has not stopped writing sweet stories in you.
As long as you give dedication to him,
He will make you the best selling book the world as ever seen too.
As much as you acknowledge him,
He will write with the skills even Shakespeare and likes never used.

This book, I have met.
You’re so cool, you make me melt like hot chocolate.
Those I never knew or reluctant to approach are now my very good friends!
It’s better late than never mates!!
And I’m so sorry for my reluctance friends.  

For never coming close and judging.
I was wrong and I admit you should ever rest (everest),
Because your personality  rocks!!
If  you’re ever in my shoes, don’t judge it,
But know it!!

This beautiful piece was composed by Alade Rasheed Adebayo (B’whizzy)

Alade Rasheed Adebayo is a student studying Animal physiology at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. An upcoming rapper who enjoys writing poems and Spoken word. You can reach him through the following social media platforms:
IG: @raschid_bwhizzy
Twitter: @raschid_bwhizzy
FB: Alade Rasheed Adebayo

A student, Part-time Blogger, freelance writer and an OAP. Want to know more about me? click my social media links.

    1. Abiodun Arije .E.

      Thanks for stopping by Henry. I’m happy you love the blog. You can only improve your skills if you keep working on it — which is exactly what I know you are doing. We would be of help. No problem about that. Thanks once again.

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