What Every Student Must Know About 2016

student should know some things about 2016.

student should know some things about 2016.

It’s a new year, with so many things running through the mind of every student. There is a norm among students during this period; it is called ‘New Year Resolution.’ Different plans, views, mentality and approach to this new year. Irrespective of all these, every student should know some things about 2016.

  • EXPECTATIONS:2016 is a year of expectation. A year everybody will have a strong conviction that something is going to happen – Good or BadPositive or Negative. This is one major reason why we tend to make ‘New Year Resolution’ (Even though we hardly follow it up to the latter). Expectations rise high and students begin to ask themselves varieties of questions: will I ever pass this course? Will I graduate with good grades? Will my lecturer ever be nicer? Should I go on dieting? Will he/she still be interested in this relationship? Am I still even Godly? Will I even succeed? After all these torrent of questions, it all ends up with a statement, “Let’s see how this year pans out?”


  • OPPORTUNITIES:2016 will be filled with lots of opportunities begging to be taken. It will only take the smart students to see these opportunities and make good use of it. The opportunities may come in various forms and scope: Scholarship opportunities, Job/investment opportunities, skill acquisition opportunities, talent development opportunities, business opportunities and networking (human) opportunities. Let us understand this, not all opportunities are meant to be taken. Some opportunities will appear innocent at first but could turn out bad at the end. Avoid peer pressure and put in your mind that all opportunities needed to be scrutinized and properly sieved. Take the good opportunities and discard the bad/evil opportunities.


  • COMPETITION:Due to the high expectations among students, there will be lots of competition. Competition to be the best, use the best, wear the best, ride the best and even have the best. You will get intimated and feel tempted, but don’t be surprised or scared, this is 2016. All you have to do is to be comfortable with what you have and be disciplined not to fall victim. If you feel the pressure is too hot to handle, just keep your head up high and remain focused.


  • WORK SMART:We are gradually moving to the stage whereby intelligence is not enough, you have to be very smart. 2016 looks like that year where you necessarily do not need to work hard but work smart. This doesn’t stop you from been hard working and diligent but bear in mind that as you work hard; you must also include some level of smartness. You have to be smart in everything – how you study, how you approach examinations and tests, how you relate with people, how you deal with school rules, how you tolerate people around you, how you strike a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. In a nutshell, 2016 is intended for the smart students.


  • “RIGHT” YOUR WRONGS: This new year gives you a fresh start. A Platform for you to make amends and right your wrongs. You probably did some things in 2015, which you are not happy about. You weren’t diligent enough, you didn’t study hard, you indulged in some dubious, fraudulent and foolish acts, you cheated, you were idle, you were nonchalant, and you skipped classes and some others. Now, you have made up your mind to stop those behaviors or actions and turn a new leaf. This is the right year for you to do that.


  • 2015 HANGOVER: Yeah! So many students would bring along those unpleasant situations and disappointment from 2015. You had so many plans in 2015, not all materialized, you feel disappointed and you can’t just keep it off your memory. You just can’t stop blaming yourself on how you failed in 2015 and it is not far-fetched that this will weigh you down this New Year. Well, 2015 is gone; you need to face the reality of 2016 squarely. Remember, 2016 is filled with opportunities, so you need to forget about the disappointments you had in 2015.


  • START PLANNING FOR 2017: 2017!!! Yeah! It is never too early to start planning for 2017 right from the first week of 2016. This New Year gives you an avenue to plan well and set a goal for 2017. Just ensure your goal must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.


  • LIKE EVERY OTHER YEAR: Shocking as it may sound, but to be factual, 2016 would just be like every other year. Although, for those who are not ready to see the positives in it. The year 2016 would be like a glass cup half filled with water. Some will see the glass half empty (pessimist) while some will see the glass half full (Optimist). Irrespective of what position you take, the year 2016 is actually like every other year. 2016 will only become different from the previous years based on your actions.


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