How to be a Chemistry Champion?

Chemistry is considered as one of the toughest subjects by students at school or college level. If you also struggle in this subject, then you should read the following tips that will help you to master it and get good grades.

How to be a Chemistry Champion:

  • Write Down Everything

If you think that you have grasped a new concept or formula by listening to your teacher or professor then it is highly suggested that you write it down and solve a few questions regarding it. It would help you to retain the concept or formula for a long time.

  • Practice Every Day

It is also advised that for you to be a chemistry champion, you have to practice it every day. Even if you get half an hour to study, make sure that you practice the concepts that you have learned to get better in the subject. Read 10 Most Effective Study Habits For Students.

  • Quality over Quantity

In case you dedicate 2 hours to studying in the library every day, and you spend half the time talking to your friends then you might not understand the subject. You should remember that quality study time, even if it’s less than your expectations is better than the quantity of hours you put in.

  • Be Clear with Words

All of us prefer writing the concepts or learnings in our own words which is a good idea. But when you do that, make sure that you re-read every sentence to make sure it makes sense, and you don’t skip any important step.

  • Practical Applications are Important

Chemistry can be made more interesting if you apply the principles in real life. Everything from cleaning your floors to preparing food can be linked with chemical reactions. So, you better learn to see it in your everyday life as it will ensure that the subject doesn’t seem scary anymore.

  • Don’t Overdo It

If you try to learn the entire subject matter in a few days before the exam, it is very likely that you will fail. You can avoid such a situation by learning Chemistry in small batches. For examples, two weeks each can be dedicated to learning and revising organic and inorganic chemistry.

  • Learn to Earn Grades

Students who constantly worry about learning Chemistry because they want to get good grades are often unable to do so. It’s because they spend so much time worrying about the grades that they forget to pay attention in the class. In contrast, students who spend the time in learning the concepts rather than worrying about the exams often get better grades due to the fact that they concentrate better in class. You need to read 5.0 Reasons a First Class Honour Doesn’t Guarantee You Success in Future

  • Ask Questions

It doesn’t matter whether you know all the answers or not, you should always try to be active in the class. If you can’t understand a concept, ask the teacher to provide examples from the day to day lives. Don’t worry about what people will say if you answer wrong; just learn to stay involved in the class to improve your learning curve and ride your way to being a chemistry champion.

  • Never Be Overconfident

The last tip that will help you to be a chemistry champion is never to be overconfident. Even if you are getting good grades consistently, never skip a lecture or test by thinking that you know it all. Keep working hard day after day to master the subject and always remember that you can find something new to learn every day.


The above tips will help you become a chemistry champion. Do you have other effective tips that could help students become a chemistry champion? Kindly provide it in the comment box below.


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