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A Nation – Poem



The bounty that lies full,
by hope that’s distinct flourished tool.
Insatiable need could have had her pride,
but she sort notto wield.
The greed of men and plenty of riches,
casted in the heart of a fool.
Her bounty tool grew in a life,
where the sons of their fathers knew their will.

How does her thoughts reign forever,
and fathom good in the wounds of hurtful men.
Yet the sun glossy give birth nature,
her look only to bright minds.
The choice that blinds the heart,
could not have given hope these despair.
Yet the sons of their fathers knew what it meant,
and such for a mindful child.

She whispers into their ear when in fear.
She took them by their hand,
while the scare looks on their faces.
Then she was counted among men,
whose cross she beared.
And the night after was these,
soothing moments of peace on their faces,
such none other than her traces.

Submitted by: Idibia Peter (Geoffery)

A Poem by Idibia Peter (Geoffery), a Pharmacy Student of Obafemi Awolowo University. His hobbies include writing poetry, playing chess, listening to instrumental music and reading novels. His previous poems include: Amazingly, Humanity

A student, Part-time Blogger, freelance writer and an OAP. Want to know more about me? click my social media links.

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