6 TV Series Everyone Must Watch

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Haa, what can i say about them? just like bugs they keep multiplying on a daily basis.

Telling a good or near-perfect TV series apart from the bad ones is a conundrum most movie buffs have to face, there’s also the small issue of choosing which series to spend your data on (I’d personally stream live football matches than watching TV series.)

Here are 6 TV Series Everyone Must Watch. Readers should keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive and in no particular order


imdb ratings – 9.3
Genre – Crime, Thriller, Drama
Number of seasons – 3
Inclusion of special episodes – Yes
This is an onscreen adaptation of the hugely popular and highly suspenseful fictional work of the late sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Set in the modern day London, this movies takes us through the life of the world most famous consulting sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, his loyal friend and one-time roommate, Dr John Watson, as they solve seemingly impossible crimes (mostly inspired by Sherlock arch-nemesis, James Moriarty). This film showcases Sherlock’s genius level intellect and his keen sense of observation as he and Dr Watson thwarts some really bad-ass criminals.


imdb ratings – 7.7
Genre – Fantasy, Adventure, Drama
Number of seasons – 2
An onscreen adaptation of “sword of truth” by Terry Goodkind. The series follows the journeys of a long awaited “Seeker of Truth” named Richard Cypher , a Confessor named Kahlan Amnell , a wizard named Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander , and a Mord-Sith named Cara as they defend the people of their realm against tyranny and destruction. This is a high octane action movie with some edge of the seat moments and heavy uses of magic and magical spells throughout. It may get too long and boggy at times, but the entertainment offered will always make you watch it through to the end.


imdb ratings – 8.4
Genre – Horror, Mystery, Fantasy
Number of seasons – 3
A spin-off of the popular and widely acclaimed series: The Vampire Diaries.
Set in new Orleans, the story centres around the mikaelson siblings, Klaus, Elijah, and Rebecca in their bid to take down Marcel (Klaus’s protégé). The film has a well balanced plot between entertainment, emotional, and action scenes. A thoroughly enjoyable movie to watch with friends and loved ones.


imdb ratings – 9.5
Genre – Drama, Adventure, Fantasy
Number of seasons – 6
Hands down one of the best films to ever hit the screen.
An adaptation of the same named novel by George R.R Martin : filmed in multiple locations in Croatia, Morocco, Spain, Iceland, Scotland, and the United states.
This is a highly riveting movie about power and vengeance, set in the fictional continents of westeros and Essos with a large cast, the story starts with a civil war among several noble houses for the throne of the “seven kingdoms”. The film contains many scenes of frontal nudity which anybody with strong moral/religious convictions may find uncomfortable. Nevertheless, this is a truly great series with its large fan base worldwide a strong indicator.


imdb ratings – 8.9
Genre – History, Drama, Action
Number of seasons – 2
A British-American-Italian historical drama TV series. The story centres on the lives of notable and the ordinary Romans in the 1st century B.C, with the lead protagonist being two soldiers named lucius vorenus and Titus pullo. A screen delight for those who are more interested history, it also contains lot of gory action scenes for action lovers; A truly great series in and of itself.


imdb ratings – 8.6
Genre – Crime, Psychological thriller
Number of seasons – 4
Yes, another detective series makes this list again. This TV series is so good I just can’t stop myself from recommending it to any movie lover.
Starring the British-African actor, Idris Elba, as the titular character of the series. DCI John Luther is a genius level intellect detective who is so passionate with his job that at times he can’t prevent himself from being consumed by the darkness of the crimes he investigates.
Frustrated by a brilliant Psychopath and Murderer named Alice Morgan, he is forced to gain further insight into some of the most mysterious crimes he’s solved.

This list is by no means objective, and some of the movies on this list may reflect the writers’ personal preferences.

Don’t agree with this list? Think I’ve omitted some great series?
Feel free to voice your complains in the comment section below.

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