5.0 Reasons a First Class Honour Doesn’t Guarantee You Success in Future

first class honour

The use of grades, scores, G.P.As and honours have been used as a benchmark to determine the intelligence level of Students, most notably in the higher institution where we have honours in grades and class; The first class, second class upper, second class lower, third class, and worst possible honour — certificate of attendance. Students with first class honour are rated very high with a strong believe that they would be extremely successful in future. The higher your G.P, the more successful you would be in future. This has made a lot of first class honour students relax and believe that the future is so bright. But here are 5.0 Reasons a First Class Honour Doesn’t Guarantee You Success in Future:


In reality; life is a different ball game. It is entirely different from the confines of a room. School rewards people for their memory, life rewards people for their imagination, initiative and innovations. In a school, you learn before been tested but in life, you get tested before you learn. Life would not make use of those formulars you learnt in class, it demands you apply them. Some can take shortcuts to get good grades, but in life, there is no shortcut to a lasting success — you work hard. No more school rules, timetable, boring or interesting classes, or cliques. In reality, you stand alone and make your decision. After school, no one talks about you graduating with a first class honour or Summa Cum Laude, neither will they talk about your G.P, but everyone will talk about how well you were able to handle situations assiduously.


While in school, a group of elite (Experts, scholars, Governments) sit to draw out a plan on how, what, when and where to learn. This is popularly called “School Curriculum”. But life has no curriculum. Anything could happen – risk, danger, failure, distraction and so on. You draw out your plan, determine your own curriculum, act on it and face the result (good or bad). A school curriculum would tell you to forfeit some subjects or courses for the second year or semester and compel you to do that year’s subject. But in life, you could possibly take a 5-year course in one month or stretch a month course to 5 years. You determine your curriculum or prospectus.


Looking at most of the successful men and women today, a larger percentage of them didn’t graduate with a first-class honour while a lot of them didn’t complete their education. This is not to discourage you from studying or graduating with a good grade but the emphasis is on the fact that what the future holds cannot be determined by your school grade. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Al Pacino, Walt Disney, Abraham Lincoln and a whole lot of others either dropped out of school or had very bad grades but, they did become successful.


All fingers are not equal. Just as we have the rich and the poor, the ruler and the ruled, the cute and the ugly, the chalk and cheese, the bright and the “dull” we also have different levels. Everybody is not on the same par; some will be at the top while some at the bottom, others — just somewhere around average. Since the school rewards for how well you can memorize, then everyone can’t have same memory capacity. We all have different approaches to study, different circumstances surrounding us, different background, different IQ Levels, everything about us is different. So, no where will it be possible for everyone to make first class. Little wonder, the system already made room for second and third class.


  • state of the economy
  • unemployment rate
  • educational system

We have many square pegs in round holes. Some potential writers studying medicine, potential engineers studying agriculture, painters studying accounting. The education system has not helped matter at all. Their methods for sorting students into higher institution and their field of study is questionable. Just like somebody said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Moreover, the yardstick to measure first-class honour varies from country to county. A country’s first class might equal to another country’s third class and vice versa.
Also, the economy is gradually moving to the age of “you must be self-employed”. What is the essence of a first class if you can’t fully gain employment with it? With the high rate of unemployment in the country, you must be able to create job, something that is dependent solely on your smartness and knowledge not your degree.


“The world is filled with many certificate holders, but few problem solvers.”

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  1. O. G. Pius

    Super-fantastic write up!
    Truly, good grade on score sheet is not a guarantee of success in real life. What is tenable in class room is not tenable in the business world. In class room, we are thought that there are only two answers to a guestion: it is either you are “right” or “wrong” but in real life or in the business world, there are so many answers to a question. In real life, there is no straight path to success. Often, the pathway to success is zig zag.
    We need to have a rethink. This is not to say that scoring high in test or exam isn’t good, we must realise that in real life, “you get tested before you learn.”
    In addition to paper qualification, think of what you can do with your hands when you put your certificate aside!!

  2. Abiodun Arije .E.

    Thanks Pius. It is high time students understood that the outside world is entirely different from the school. You do not let any school grade/score determine your future. Endeavor to attain the best grade while in school but don’t feel too bad about yourself if you couldn’t. Thanks Pius for your comment. I respect your wisdom.

  3. Elias

    I think achieving a high grade (post graduation) is just a little more than a feel-good factor, intelligence and hardwork will surely distinguish you from the rest. Students nowadays really need to sit up and notice that it’s not all bout good grades.

  4. Oluseye

    Omg!.. Being a long while I read such an excellent article but to certain limit, I beg to differ.

    General, if having a first class doesn’t guarantee one’s success in future then my version would definitely be “going to school in the first place doesn’t either”

    Here is to point out the fact that those who have NO formal education stall do excel in their other areas of expertize too, so its not even about having first grade.
    Conclusion: yeah, it’s not a guarantee but I hope you agree with me that its worth pursuing.

    Really great content.

  5. Kazeem Olabisi

    Hello Abiodun
    It’s my first time on your blog and I want to say you really doing a great work here, regarding the post of today you are absolutely right and not far from the truth, I want to say the worst mistake any student of this country can make is to relentlessly rely on his certificate for a fulfilling and successful future, It’s a suicide mission that we shouldn’t dare to approach.

    1. Abiodun Arije .E.

      Thanks Kazeem. I officially welcome you to and i am happy you love it here. Education is the best legacy but we shouldn’t rely on just certificates. Hope you come back. Thanks once again.

  6. sirkay

    Bro, i remember those days in SCSHS when we think making it in life have a positive correlation with the length of time we read. bro, I really appreci8 this convincing effort of urs in educating those who still think in this direction.

    1. Abiodun Arije .E.

      Yeah I remember also @sirkay. We actually do not discourage students from reading or studying hard and we are not against getting good grades at school. But the point remains, when you read, are you reading to pass or to understand? Do you think a first class automatically gets you a job? If it does get you a job, do you think you can maintain it if you only studied to get that grade.

  7. Omeke Ejiofore Solomon

    To me, success is not all about money neither is it about good grades in schools. It is all about fulfilment in life. All i want in life may be good name, your own may be wealth, another person may need just a child of his own and nothing more. Success is all about satisfaction and fulfilment.

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