15 Kinds of Friends Every Student Will Meet on Campus

kinds of friends

As a student, you meet different kinds of people in school and even outside the school. You make new friends on regular basis, either by chance or coincidentally. Some, you meet in the class, your dorm, in the cafeteria, on the queue, on the field of play, during a dance class or you just find yourself in the same problem or situation. You keep some of these new friends while you discard the others, based on reasons best known to you. Here are 15 kinds of friends every student will meet on campus:

1. PARASITES: These ones milk everything milk-able from you without anything tangible to offer. They are always with you whenever you are visiting the eatery and you end up paying their bills. Whenever they come visiting, your foodstuffs and belongings are in trouble. They would borrow them not even excluding undies. You’ll never see any currency with them and you keep wondering how they feed at all. They always claim to be broke and they put up this “pity-face” which makes you want to adopt them as your child. Ever wondered how you found them? Don’t worry, they actually found you. They are always on the look out for a host to attach to.

2. ‘HI’ FRIENDS: One of the friends students will meet is the ‘Hi’ Friends. The only thing you exchange with these kinds of people is greetings and nothing more. ‘Hi’, ‘wassup’, handshake, hand waving and sometimes a thumbs up. You both once found yourselves in the same situation before ( the day you sat side by side in a class and you exchanged remarks on how boring the class was) and every other day is a ‘Hi’. Some, you probably don’t know their names and you end up giving them names like ‘Pal’, ‘Buddy’, ‘Bro’, and so on.

3. MOOD KILLERS: Another Category of friends students will meet are the mood killers. They are sadists or critics or even both. They never see anything good about you. They readily announce your mistake to the world to show how bad you are. They are just good at making you feel bad about yourself. They point out every mistake in your cooking, make up, dress sense, reading/study habit and the minutest of things you do.

4. DREAMERS: These ones live in fantasy land. They day-dream on daily basis and will always tell you about their fantasies which most are always so stupid and impossible. Imagine someone telling you he would build a house on the sun, get an estate in heaven beside Angel Gabriel’s own. Although, they are fun to be with.

5. THE RELIGIOUS: These ones always make you think you will surely end up in hell, soonest. No matter how critical they might be, they actually could be integral in your life as a student. If by any chance, you never had a conscience, they could serve as one for you. They warn you about your bad behaviours and vices? Telling you that hell is your destination if you don’t stop. They don’t party, gamble, take alcohol, talk about sex or relationship. If you do all these, you will find them awkward and boring.

6 PRETENDERS: Another set of friends students will meet are the pretenders. They actually live a fake life. You only know their true identity after you have made friends with them. They are always seen with expensive clothes and gadgets and everyone see them as classy guys and ladies. However, he/she is nothing, living on borrowed items. Everyone see them as very decent but they are extremely wayward and rotten on the inside.

7. THE GREAT DEBATERS: Always arguing, even over the dumbest of issue. Another category of friends students will meet are those termed as ‘The Great Debaters’. They argue about who cooks best, who plays football better, who sings better, why blue is better than purple and so on. One big surprise is how they go searching for information and points to back up their opinion. Quite difficult to defeat them because they are never tired, even if it lasts for a session.

8. GOSSIP FRIENDS: These one’s are always having gist. They know ‘who is dating who’ and ‘who Is breaking up next’. How they sniff out information, you don’t know, but they are quite resourceful. However, they are very good at spreading rumours too.

9. SANGUINE (Ever Lively): One of the most interesting friends students will meet are these set of people. They make everywhere come alive. Their absence in a gathering is greatly felt as everywhere looks dull, quiet and boring. They know how to make a joke out of everything and you won’t stop laughing. They quietly poke fun at lecturers in class. Even when everyone seems to be sad about a tough test, a sanguine will still joke about it and you all will laugh at it. Everyone loves them because of their other characteristics which you can read on what temperament are you?

10. THE ENTREPRENEURS: Another set of friends students will meet are the entrepreneurs. They are always business-oriented. They always have this startup business of their own which could include baking, selling of items, event planning, blogging, programming, hair dressing and so on. They always aspire to be one great business tycoon in future.

11. MUTUAL FRIENDS: These set of friends are very common. It’s a give and take friendship. You maintain a close relationship with them because they are brilliant and they can solve your assignments for you while they stay close to you because you are financially buoyant and they are sure of free lunch from you. Both of you gain from each other unlike that parasite we talked about earlier.

12. BOOKWORMS: One very common set of friends students will meet are the Bookworms. They have made the library their second home. Whenever you both discuss, it must be a topic from the class you just had or an assignment you are about to submit. You find them reading at any slightest opportunity. They are not interested in your extra curricular activity, it’s a waste of time to them.

13. DICTATORS (Choleric): These ones are always wanting to have the final say. If you don’t do what they asked you to do, you are either silly, stupid, rebellious or a coward. They force you to wait for them or meet them at a place. If you fail to adhere, they go angry at you, and you end up apologizing. They are always right. Read more about the cholerics.

14. SOULMATES: These are the true friends. You understand each other’s feelings and interests. You both behave like biological brothers and sisters. You share everything in common. People keep asking if you both are siblings? Quite hard to explain these set of friends, but they are real friends.

15. FREAKS: The last set of friends students will meet are the freaks. There are actually two categories of freaks; those with a very strong interest in a particular subject (Sport, Music, Movie etc.) and those who are just odd. Either they are too quiet, paranoid, cannot dress, hallucinates, have mouth odour, un-kept hair and they end up saying, “Everybody hates me!”


Are there some sets of friends I failed to mention here on my list? You can please add it in the comment box. I appreciate it. Thanks.

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  1. Oluseye

    And all these sums up to the period of examination. If you are the “efikko” type, you are going have a tough time calculating the speed at which the “hi friends” suddenly become your best friend.

    That was some interesting campus activities you reminded me of. Nice!

  2. Simeon Udoh

    Wait…. Let me just laugh a bit….. LMAO!

    It’s a very interesting article although You can find this kind of Friends even in the neighborhood.

    I have been in contact with majority of the kind of Friends listed on this post but Number 1, 3 (I call this set of Friends ” kill joys” ) and 12.

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